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 The Creative Oddities Studios domain name and website has been mine for at least nine years.  I started out just wanting to display my art and maybe sell a piece or pick-up a commission.  Then, I learned about "vanity publishing"; putting your artwork on merchandise produced on-demand.  Making a variety of products available changed the nature of the site, and it became all about the sale and traffic.  Making art meant that there would be the chore of formatting it 100 different ways to optimize it for the site and different products, loading it on just as many different sites, and coding the website... forever coding the website.  It just wasn't fun anymore.  I write in HTML, and we have reached a point where the technology is past what is easy for me to use.  I wanted to update and simplify the site.  That is how I found 

 So, now I am getting back to art.  The new site,, is just that; prints and original works displayed on a more modern site that other people manage on the back-end.  While the other merchandise will still exist, I will leave that on the particular sites that offer those services and no longer try to provide a central point as a sales venue.  I want to focus on the art.  

 To the three of you who actually read these things, check it out.
 I've not really looked into my options on DA regarding commissions.  I don't know what DA Points are, let alone how to use them.  I have seen others offering commissions, but I am not certain how the exchange goes.  Frankly, I am the man when it comes to generating commissions locally from sources like Craigslist, but I am lost on how to do it on DA.  Any advice, tips, or guides would be most appreciated.  I would love to trade art with others, for those who might be interested.  Thanks for the read and the love, folks.
 Folks, I am publishing a new coloring book, and hoping to raise $3000 for the cause!  You can donate anything from just a dollar to whatever you like, but for a $25 donation you will have a choice of either a copy of the completed book or one of the 365 original designs!  That's right, I will be doing a design a day for a year, making this a massive resource of awesome designs for any tattoo enthusiast!  Go to my kickstarter page and donate whatever you can!…
 I am participating in the RAW emerging artists showcase on August 15th in Austin, TX, and I need your help!  I need to sell just 20 tickets in order to cover the cost of being in the show.  The tickets are only $15, and the money goes to support over 50 fresh new artists, including yours truly.  Even if you cannot go, your donation will be greatly appreciated!  Also, as a thank you for your donation, I will be mailing everyone who buys a ticket from me an exclusive signed-print!  I am 13 tickets short of my goal, so please get in on this NOW! 

Jason Sorrell's art work is being featured in what appears to be a relatively new publication: "The No. 1 Bondage Magazine".  It is an e-zine by Bondage Publishing, a subsidiary of Fanatical Publishing, and so far it is free to anyone that subscribes.  It's an e-zine, so subscribers get a .PDF delivered to their inbox when an issue comes out.  Jason's work will be in the issue due out on Sunday, February 3rd.  To subscribe, send an email to
It's 2013, and I've decided to do something a little different.  I've actually been meaning to do this for a while, but lacked the technical know-how to do it until recently.  Every month, I will be giving away some free stuff.  For example, this month I have designed some wallpaper for your computer desk-top.  Next month, I will be giving away a 6-sticker set.  Each month it will be something new.  I will also be putting out a news-letter with details about up-coming events, contests, current projects, and discounts on merchandise I offer.

I want this to be exclusively for those who have "watched" my account or "liked" my page in various forums, and it only requires one additional step.  Just go to and join my email list.  Once you hit "submit", you will be taken to the freebies page and can view/download the wallpapers.  Once a month, you'll get my news-letter in your email to let you know about all the other Creative Oddities Studios goodness that is going on.  Sign-up today!
A warning to my artsy friends.  Just got word from one of my pals in the UK that my art is showing up on shirts being produced by an outfit over there.  Problem is, I didn't authorize the use of these designs, and I have not been paid for any of the sales of the shirts.  Here are some links for you to look at:……………

As flattering as this is, at least give me some credit for designing the image.  I'll be putting the word out, because these cats have a LOT of art on their site being merchandised.  I'll also be looking into legal council, so any advise on that part would be welcome.

It was bound to happen, I suppose.
These are the guidelines for PERSONAL COMMISSIONS for enjoyment and entertainment purposes. Any request for images to be used for commercial purposes will fall under different guidelines.  Please email me for details about requests for commercial use.

I offer commissions for erotic/fetish art, "cheesecake" or pin-up art, tattoo designs, and occult imagery.    

Commissioned pieces MAY be shown on DeviantArt in my gallery. If you would like your request kept private, please indicate in your request.


-Prices are in U.S. Dollars.
-A 1-2 character digital sketch (pencil) $25, inked drawing $40, digitally colored $60.  Each commission will be an 11X14" image at 300 dpi.
-Original art sketches are $50, inked $80.  I am not offering commissions in color in any medium at this time.  Shipping and handling charges will also apply.
-Tattoo designs not featuring a human figure range in price from $25 to $50, depending on the complexity.  Designs are only offered in ink, no color.    
-Payments are accepted only through Paypal.
-Variations on size and/or media will be considered. Please email me if your request falls outside the above parameters.

Commissions are for personal use only. Any further commercial use for profit or gain is strictly prohibited.


1) Send an email to with the subject line "commission spot" to reserve a spot on my commission list - please give a basic description or concept with as much detail as possible.

2) Once it has been reviewed and accepted, a request form will then be sent to you where you can add full details and description of your request.

3) Please fill out the form and send it with payment.

4) When your request is received, I will update the standby list with your name. This list will be viewable at

5) Once payment is confirmed you will be be added to the active list and work can commence on your commission.

-All requests will be reviewed. If a request is turned down, a full refund will be sent if payment has already been made.
-If your request is turned down, it is most often due to either the design being too complex (necessitating a different cost) or RARELY due to content.  I will flat refuse any request which I consider racist or meant to demean/harm any cultural, political, or social demographic.
-Non-payment will bump you off the standby list.

-Original, comic or cartoon characters ("fan art") are welcome for non-commercial commissions. If you are not sure, just ask.
-Nudity is fine, and I have no issues with explicit sexual, violent, or pornographic commission requests.
-Hard or explicit bondage and fetish images are my forte and are encouraged.
I don't normally participate in these contests.  I have always been inspired by music.  My earliest memories include a room in my father's home lit by black lights, with carpeted floors and ceiling, and shelves lining the walls that held hundreds of albums.  My dad encouraged my siblings and I to listen to all kinds of music, and my tastes range from punk rock, industrial, techno, house, metal, and classical.  

This latest contest, designing a t-shirt that is inspired by music, seems right up my alley.

I have always been a fan of Pink Floyd for as long as I can remember.  Their soulful and soaring instrumentals coupled with their lyrics rife with social and political commentary continue to be a motivation in my life.  My painting, "Welcome to the Machine", is inspired by a Pink Floyd song from the album "Wish You Were Here".  I was just 3 years old when I first heard it.  Both the song and my piece are a commentary on the system we are all plugged into, the choices we have being predetermined, our freedom being an illusion.

The first step to escaping a prison it admitting that you are in one.

Check out my t-shirt design and vote by clicking here:

I've also submitted a demon-girl design.  Check it out here:
Back in December of 2011, my girlfriend and I were looking at my many portfolios and stacks of loose drawings in my studio.  I had reached a point creatively where I wanted to move forward.  What that meant at the time I wasn't certain about, it was just a feeling that I had.  I had that same feeling in the past before undertaking some major project, and I am certain other artists occasionally experience it.  It was time to do something new.  However, I also felt that before I could move forward and fully attend to a new project, I needed to do something with all the work I had generated in the past.

I had come to the conclusion that I need to collect everything into a book format.  Many of my pieces, though well received, are not something that people collect for display on their living room walls.  I have many books of collected works by artists an illustrators myself, and recognize that it is the safe way to have BDSM and erotic art in your home.  In putting my book together, I faced a couple of challenges.  

The first challenge was, despite the volume of work I had, the body of my work was clearly divided into several genres for different audiences (one of the reasons for the plural "studios" in Creative Oddities Studios).  There were tattoo designs, erotic and BDSM art, demon girls (so many that they merit distinction from the erotic art), commercial designs, some "fine" art pieces, photography, "weird" art, and even a few sculptures thrown in the mix.  I considered organizing the book into sections, but found that solution dissatisfying.

Next was the issue of how most of my work was formatted in its original state.  As a tattoo artist, you tend to think of the initial design, the line work, as of greatest importance.  Coloring and shading in traditional tattooing is built upon the solid foundation of a good line-work design.  You get used to thinking that way, drawing like a tattoo artist.  Most of my designs are just the lines, often given various weight to make them more expressive, with the coloring and shading done digitally.  Most of the work was not colored, so I either had to leave those designs as they were or spend what might have been several days coloring the uncolored work.

And if that was a decision I was going to make, then I also had to assume that people would buy a copy of a high-cost book of colored images.  I use a printing service, and the difference in the cost of printing a a book with even one page of color versus black-and-white book is  huge.  I am a relatively unknown artist going it without the benefit of a publishing house or financial investors.  Could I really expect my fans to pay more for a book than I would?

Still, I wanted to publish a collection of my work.

The answer hit my while discussing the problem with friends over drinks, probably when I am at my most creative.  My black-and-white line work designs lend themselves perfectly to the coloring book format, even if the subject matter is tattoos, demons, and t-n-a.  Why not create a coloring book?

This meant that some of my work would not be suited for the project, but it still left me with a large volume to pick-and-choose from.  Keeping with the coloring book theme, we kept to a thin, 8 1/2 by 11" format, with one design per page.  We included 72 designs, some done specifically for the book, and then I wrote a short paragraph about each piece and gave some insight to my creative process, resulting in a 98 page book.  We got the whole thing formatted in to print at a retail cost of $10.99 plus shipping and handling, a price that is often less expensive that similar collections.

I really enjoyed putting this book together and the reception it has gained.  If you are a fan of odd, erotic, and tattoo-styled designs, then you will enjoy this book.  Tattoo artists will consider it another source of flash, fans of erotica will have something new to put on their 'fridge.  If you do plan on coloring the pictures, might I suggest purchasing two?

Get your copy at…
Let's talk about why I am on, again.  Didn't know I was on here before?  Well, that is one of the problems with Deviantart in my opinion... it is too damn big.  Thousands of artists and hundreds of thousands of fans log into the site everyday.  If you're an artist, that sounds great, until you realize that you get lost like a leaf on a tree in the Amazon Rain Forest.  Yep, you post your stuff and very quickly you will get hundreds of people adding your pieces to their "favorites", "collections", and maybe even putting you on their "watch" lists.

Which does what, precisely?

I signed up for about 7 years ago because I wanted three things I had hoped the site would provide; interaction with other artists, feedback and critiques from anyone, and to boost sales of my merchandise, in that order of priority.  In the years I participated, I never really had a meaningful interaction with other artists.  I had a few discussions with some artists often about topics other than art.  I met artists locally who themselves had Deviantart accounts, but then we just continued to meet through the forum we originally made contact in.  I take partial responsibility for this. I could have tried a little harder.  This go around, I promise to make the most of it.

Feedback and critiques from anyone was, well, kind of like pissing in the wind to try to get clean.  The "faves", "collect" and "watch" options means that patrons can just click and save their preference and then move on to the next 100 or so images they are going to add to their profile.  Comments where not in short supply, but while "great job!" and "love it!" make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it doesn't really help me grow as an artist.

More over, although your faves, collects, and watches are appreciated, nothing says you really dig the art like throwing down your cash to buy some.  Whether you are commissioning a piece or buying a $3 sticker, buying some art remains the best way to fave, collect and watch. makes it too easy for people to feel like they are supporting artists by "liking" something, rather than driving their patrons to actual buy something.

Given my disdain for the manner in which this forum is managed, I recognize that it is what we, the users, make of it, so this time around I will do my part.  I was re-writing my book, "Sell Your Art The Creative Oddities Studiod Way", and I was adding a section called "Shot-gun Marketing" when I realized that I wasn't following my own advice by neglecting Deviantart.  I was a bit younger and a little greener the last go-around, so I will be conducting myself differently here.  I'll be reaching out to some of you when I dig your work.  I will ask questions, share insights, and patronize your wares when they are available.  I'll be looking to trade art with those interested, and to meet artists if they are in the Austin area.

Basically, I will try to be a better citizen of the Deviantart community, cultivating what I want from this forum rather than just hoping for it and being disappointed.

For those of you who are interested, the website is… is where we keep all the good stuff; t-shirts, stickers, skateboards, tattoo designs, and the blogs (horror film reviews, funny tattoo stories, art-talk).

You can email me directly at